Signs of energy vampire attacks

A lot of time has passed since first mentions of vampires were recorded. Vampires have changed drastically, and only vampire pictures bear the features of vampires of the old. Vampires of the new age are as adaptive as ever. There are great deal of interpretations of what an energy attack is and what results may appear. All of the below-listed symptoms were taken from personal life experience and should be treated as subjective observation results. The term “energy attack” is similar to a more common term psi-attack is a questionable topic, too. Unlike emotional vampirism attack that produces namely depression among other mental symptoms, true psi-attack cause disturbances of purely mental levels, affecting the stability and clarity of the mental process, than physical properties of the victim. Draining attack based on energy level is usually held responsible for all the attacks causing the fatigue and pain or even coma. Unexplained tiredness, fainting and excessive sleeping may be signs of an energy-based assailing.

General symptoms of energy drain are insomnia, excessive sleeping patterns, mental fatigue, unexplained listlessness, unexplainable concentration failure, vertigo, disorientation, dizziness, unexplainable physical fatigue, feeling of sudden unexplained depression, feeling of drunkenness, loss of appetite, unexplained nausea, increased appetite, fainting, mental collapse, throbbing forehead pain, constant or severe headache, physical incapacitation and in really harsh cases, coma.

vampires photo

Surely, some of the symptoms contradict each other, but experiencing tree or more of those can be a warning sign of a possible attack. It is true to mention that these symptoms may be caused by a number of other factors, and can be explained by simple stress in the end of a hard day. Some of the signs might seem unexplainable at first; you need to think for a while to figure out the actual cause of your health issues, consider visiting a doctor, only then – a priest. A solitary incident is highly unlikely to be a n attack, the situation being completely opposite, when symptoms chronically reoccur and stay for a significant periods of time. In cases of severe sleep disorders it’s strongly advisable to visit a doctor.

To recognize a vampire, you need to have a look at the vampire pictures on our site. That’s how fantasy and fiction artists picture vampires. To be honest, they look nothing like the part, for a lot of time has changed, and those pictures were mostly influenced by ancient beliefs of the medieval folklore, but one particular detail remains common in both vampire pictures and real energy or psychic vampires – the glance. Eyes may be different in colour, shade, form, but the persistent glance is, though arguably, a distinctive tell-tale feature of an energy vampire. I once had a teacher, with whom I used to have personal Spanish lessons. Being a very young capable and swift learner, I progressed quickly and studying in general had no significant or at least noticeable effect on me. After each lesson I attended, my grandfather who escorted me after each lesson (bad neighborhood and all) started to notice that I looked a bit exhausted.  Couple of weeks later my parents decided to put my Spanish lessons “on hold for a while”, as they said. I didn’t resume my studying with that teacher for some reason, finance being not the cause of that, I was assured. Yet, I still remember that strong gaze that seemed impatient rather than friendly. See for yourself, the vampire picture on our site can prove my point to some extent.