Vampire types

Technically, psychic vampirism can be explained as using the psyche to draw energy or focusing on psyche centers with purposes of absorbing some amounts of it. In the first case mind is used to draw energy into oneself. However, not always such energy drawing happens consciously. With that said, some energy is obtained by means other than through mind faculties. Thus energy vampirism is not an entirely of psychic nature. Without jumping to rash conclusions, there’s one more way in which psychic vampirism is explained. Energy vampire aims his focus on the mind energy centers or in other words, psyches of the victim from where the energy is then drawn. This may sound quite obscure, but bear with me and I’ll explain.

When conscious energy drawing is committed, the feeding person may not always have control over the certain energy centers. There are several energy centers that are primary targets, where defense of the source is easy to penetrate. Some schools call these centers Chakras, so for easier comprehension purposes, they’d be referred to here as such. In early feeding practices it is advisable to focus on crown chakras or third eye chakra, simply because they are easier to link to while the target’s defense is weakened or target itself has not developed any of yet. In some cases no direct impact on the vampire’s part is required, and without much effort and trouble, one can feed directly.


Intentionally or unintentionally, in cases of direct energy feeding from those centers, there is great chance of side effects and distinct symptoms related to thought and mental process, mainly weakening in particular regions. Depending on victim’s natural restorative ability, results may be vary, from minor fatigue to quite harsh consequences. Psychic vampires look like ordinary people, they have no fangs or pale skin as you can see on the vampire pictures on our site, yet they’re even more real than usual fictional vampires, I can tell from my personal experience. Not every day you wake up with blooded neck, but after having a conversation with some people you might have notices some degree of exhaustion. If you’re interested in classic vampires, we have a couple of articles on that topic as well as cool vampire pictures and images.

Let’s talk now about emotional vampirism. Emotional type of vampirism is by far one of the most common types, the vampire feeding from the sources created during strong emotional situations. Emotionally stimulated sources produce enough energy to feed the emotional vampire. At certain circumstances body produces some kind of invisible aura that is somehow consumed by vampire’s body. Taping into the knowledge of the nature of the process is quite important because once one finds out how easily this type of energy can be absorbed; it is only a matter of time until the person fully masters this energy vampire practice. By the way, we have quite a bunch of awesome vampire pictures you can check out if you want.
Emotional energy of an average person flows with regular pattern, constantly being affected by negative emotional factors like work stress, small and big arguments, as well as countless stress-inducing factors. The aura of a poor person can be felt even by people inexperienced in recognizing energy patterns, because it absorbs and projects so much negativity. Considering the accessibility and all the pros and cons of these types of energy feeding, it is not surprising that these particular types are most preferred.